Sensorberg enables people to re-define the way they live

The way we live has changed dramatically in the last decades. People are more mobile than ever before. 

The rigidness of long rental contracts or complications to find fitting accommodation when working abroad are real struggles for a growing part of the population.

Today concepts such as co-living or micro-apartments offer the flexibility and services that these people demand. Employers increasingly offer their employees short-term rental or micro-apartments instead of anonymous hotel rooms when travelling. Some want to remove the hassle out of their life and pay one bill that covers everything.

But many move into co-living spaces or new living concepts because they want to re-define the way they live their life. They are looking for a community in which like-minded people meet and where they will never feel lonely again.

Through technology, we enable communities in buildings to grow and flourish while reducing operating costs. At the same time we enrich building propositions for landlords and building operators to differentiate with their offerings.